For the teachers

For the teachers

School trips

  • No more than 2 groups of 20 children at the same time
  • The visit takes one hour
    If you intend to take some time for a snack, don’t forget to account for it in your planning of the visit.
  • Price per person: 2,5 €/children and 6 €/accompanying adults (Free for two accompanying adults). The guided tour is entirely FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Coaches can park in front of the museum

Educational objective

We aim to show a different way of having fun to children born in a digital age with our handmade toys and games, our board games, outdoor games, construction games, skill games, puzzles, etc. Here they can test their dexterity with a skittle game, a cup-and-ball game or stilts, they can try a pedal or propeller car and learn how a steam machine works.
We also want to stimulate their thinking skills in a way the toys they are used to do not.
They will receive an educational booklet with questions and games to resume the discussion in class.

Visit from Saint Nicholas

Between the 18th of November and the 6th of December, Saint Nicholas will be present for every school trip to the museum.

Giant Game of the Goose

At the end of the visit, the students can take part in a giant game of the goose, played by teams of 4. The players are asked questions and must find the answers in the museum to move forward on the board. It’s the taking part that counts, everyone will receive a participation award.

Two age-appropriate games:

  • One for the 6-8 years old
  • One for the 9-12 years old

The game takes an hour.
Price per group of 20 children max.: 20€

Educational packs renting

Themes :

  • “Granny’s and grandpa’s toys”: antique dolls, mechanical toys, wooden toys, metal toys, clay marbles, …
  • “School in the olden days”: slate and stylus, wooden pencil case, apron, schoolbags, manuals and exercise books, inkwell, …

Price: 10€ for a fortnight + a 25€ deposit.

You can also check out the packs, educational booklets and any information you need on-site.


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