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Museum’s services

  • Guided tours for adults in French, Dutch or Walloon (upon reservation)
  • Free guided tours for school groups
  • Saint Nicholas’ visit
  • Game of the Goose for school groups (from 6 to 12 years old) after the visit
  • Game in the village (in the summertime)
  • Gift shop
  • Publications for sale
  • Toys renting for exhibitions and other events
  • Educational packs renting for teachers


Let’s rewind a bit…

Maryse et freddy RIXHON-VANGUESTAINE founders of toy museumToy Museum  - Ferrières

The Toy Museum was founded by Maryse and Freddy RIXHON-VANGUESTAINE.

  • 1979: International Year of the Child. Exhibition in Ferrières of a collection of antique toys belonging to Mr and Mrs RIXHON-VANGUESTAINE
  • 1984: Official opening of the Toy Museum
  • 1985: Creation of the non-profit « Toy Museum »
  • 1988: Live contest « Double sept » by the Belgian broadcasting organisation RTBF
  • 1990: Opening of the third and fourth rooms
  • 1995: Reorganisation of the reception hall




  • 2019-2021 : Everyone on the circus track!

« Forward march! » Figurines on the warpath... - Toy Museum  - Ferrières

  • 2017 et 2018: “Forward march!” Figurines on the warpath…

 « Play & Mobiles » - Toy Museum  - Ferrières

  • 2015 et 2016: “Play & Mobiles”

The Toy Horse goes back in time - Toy Museum  - Ferrières

  • 2013 et 2014: The Toy Horse goes back in time

Le jouet sort ...de sa case est une expo bisannuelle - Toy Museum  - Ferrières

  • 2012 et 2013: “Toys leave… their panel” is a biennial exhibition, unique in that it combines toys and comics



Maryse and Freddy RIXHON-VANGUESTAINE, founders of the Toy Museum.

  • our thanks to the volunteers, helpers and friends of the museum
  • to Mr André DEHANT
  • to Ferrières municipality and its work department
  • Sabine LOURTIE, translators
  • Rick GOYENS, Pierre RAHIER en Juliette LISMONDE, translators

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